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November 6, 2016:
There's now an Arabic language file available as well.

March 28, 2016:
Version 4.13 is now available! [More…]


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BXDM Disk Catalog: Main screen and search dialog
Main screen and search dialog

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 Broken X Disk Manager Plugins 

Name Extensions Version Author
bxdm_graphics (47 KB).bmp.gif.pcx.jpg.jpeg.jif.png (Source)
Requires Microsoft GDI+
1.2Kevin Fucik
bxdm_text (41 KB).txt.nfo.diz.ion.log (ANSI & Unicode, Source)1.2Kevin Fucik
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 Broken X Disk Manager Plugin SDK 

With the BXDM Plugin Software Development Kit (SDK), developers can write their own plugins to create and store information for files being cataloged with Broken X Disk Manager.
Download Broken X Disk Manager Plugin SDK v2.2 (14 KB).